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Dear Reality News Readers,

There is an effort in the works by some special interests to amend the Constitution... in order to to solve a problem which we at the State level have helped to create. Please allow me to explain how the states have created this problem... and how they can solve it... without endangering the Constitution.

The federal budget is out of balance right now, because the federal government is spending money on things that properly belong to the States.

Here's just one an example... health care. Control of our health care, is not a power or function that is authorized by the U.S. Constitution. The framers of our Constitution enumerated all powers that would be assigned to the Federal government. Health care is not one of them.

My health care is an individual choice. It is not the business of the federal government, any more than is your health care or your family's. I can make much better choices about my health care, than can some bureaucrat a thousand miles from here in Washington D.C.

In the very same light, Wisconsin can much more efficiently regulate the health care providers and insurers that operate within Wisconsin. That is precisely why the framers set up the Constitution as they did... to prevent any federal intrusion into things that properly belong to the people themselves, or that are more efficiently regulated by the States.

The States presently accept billions and billions of dollars from the Federal government, with over 30% of Wisconsin revenues coming from Washington, and then they subject themselves to the restrictions and control of never-ending Federal mandates and regulation. All of this is in violation of both the spirit and the letter of the Constitution. Even the politicians themselves admit that they rarely follow the Constitution. Those many billions of dollars that the States accept, adds to the Federal budget imbalance and ultimately to the growing debt.

But... if we insist that the Federal government follow the existing Constitution, and live up to their Oaths of Office to support and defend the Constitution, then many of those functions and responsibilities will be returned to the States or to the People, where they actually belong. When we do this, the Federal budget will balance itself automatically, and there will be no need to even talk about reining in the Federal spending or the debt. The debt will automatically rein in itself.

So... let's try this simple solution, before we open up the United States Constitution to revision and meddling by left-wing billionaires like George Soros, by his many front groups that are pushing for an Article V Convention, by a number of socialist special interest groups, by various progressive big-government touting Hollywood elites, and by power hungry revisionist politicians.

And better yet... let's fully utilize and work to safeguard the Constitution that we have now... and cherish and revitalize the heritage that was bequeathed to us by the Founding Fathers.

-Thank you, Gary Witzack

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