What is Happening in Wisconsin ?

Saturday, the Patriots made their presence known for the Recall Wirch effort in Burlington. I personally thank all of you who showed up because we made a HUGE difference. Now the bad news. The unionistas are playing harder and smarter than us. They showed up long before our group, took up all of the street side parking spaces. They placarded all of their windshields with "SUPPORT WIRCH" signs. They picketed the entire length of the facility and crowded the entrance. They aimed to intimidate AND IT WORKED! Chris K., I and one other local guy worked the picket line with some small recall signs that had been reworked from Recall Doyle days to now say Recall Wirch. We were lost in a sea of Support Wirch signs. I watched car after car slow to turn in and then get scared off as they neared the entrance where the big burly thugs congregated. This was confirmed as we went on a walking literature drop and met homeowners who said they wanted to pull in but were scared (on the plus side, they were mighty anxious to get the 'Recall Wirch' petition in their hands). Inside the Patriots made up quite a contingent. The problem was it was a big hall and it looked rather empty inside.

There was an afternoon rally at the Brat Stop in Kenosha. Same problem -intimidation of the highest order! Gerry B. from the old Recall Doyle days, worked a drive through petition site in Burlington. He called about an hour into his shift with a plea for help. The unionistas had basically surrounded his site and traffic was no longer able to see him. He had to fold up and left shortly thereafter.

We attended the Sunday Tea Party "Take out the Trash" event at the Capitol or the Walker Rally at the Alliant center (or some did both) in Madison. I chose the Alliant. It was jammed with hundreds of screaming unionistas as you navigated the gauntlet to get into the parking area. The rally room was packed and was filled with a vigorous crowd. Joe the Plumber gave an excellent speech on keeping things in perspective. He reminded us, ' that the unionistas have never breathed the air of freedom. They don't know what it is like to be able to make decisions for themselves and face the uncertainty of those decisions in the real world.' He genuinely asked for understanding and hoped that one day the union workers would have the opportunity to breath the fresh air of freedom as we have! Even so, unionistas felt the need to infiltrate the Walker rally and tried to disrupt that as well. Nancy Mistle, the rousing speaker from Madison, gave them a deserved scolding and they managed to behave themselves the rest of the rally. It is amazing to me that this is the crowd that will cry "freedom of speech" the loudest but when it comes right down to it they only believe in it for themselves!

Fear and intimidation has been the other side’s tactic of choice to shut us down. So did this weekend make us angry -you bet it did! We were out thought, outnumbered and out organized. Did it work? Well let's put in perspective. For two weeks in a row hundreds of recall Wirch supporters braved the worst that the unionistas could throw at us. We distributed thousands of recall petitions and apart from some, we refused to bend or be intimidated. We have been energized. We were tested AND WE STOOD! AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO STAND! 

As I pulled out of the driveway at the Veterans Center in Burlington, I rolled the car window down to hear what one small group of unionistas was saying. It was a man, who with veins bulging out of his forehead was screaming that -"this is not a game!” I tried to calm him down because I was genuinely fearful for this man's health as he looked like he could pull a stroke any second. This only infuriated him all the more and then when I tried to warn the woman who was with him about my health concerns for him, she lit up like a firecracker herself. It was obvious as I left that morning was that nothing could be said to change things.

What was more obvious was that to the other side, THIS IS NOT A GAME! They are playing for keeps. I hope each and every one of you burns that into your being because if we don't hold the line here, our lives will change forever. And further, as Wisconsin goes, so goes the country! If you haven't figured that out yet please wake up! They are pushing for nothing less than full on socialism. The average union man on the picket line may not see that as the end game but they don't really care if it ends up there either. As I discussed the issue to one union carpenter who held out a "TAX THE RICH" sign, he answered me, "so what's wrong with Socialism?" You now see the gravity of the situation!

If it were not bad enough that national union interests have invaded our Capitol of Madison, this week it has been announced that President Obama's group OFA-Organizing for America has been called up from Chicago to involve themselves in WI affairs including recalls against Republican Senators. It is time to send the message that we DO NOT WELCOME outside interests-including the President's, interfering in our state. PLEASE GET INVOLVED IF YOU HAVE ANY ABILITY AND RESOURCES AT ALL. The stakes are too high to sit on the sidelines. Now is the time to jump in for the sake of the future of the Republic!  

My friends they are playing for keeps -ARE WE? I have come to know quite a few of you during this time. I am convinced that most of you know the foundations of this country. You love the freedom that you still enjoy! Now it is time for the "Sunshine Patriot" to become the stormy day warrior. We are in the thick of it and how it turns out depends largely on how much each of us is willing to sacrifice of ourselves to pass that freedom onto to future generations. I am completely sold out because I looked into my daughters and grandsons eyes this past week and I realized that I cannot fail them because there is no here after if I fail. We will see our way of life that we so dearly enjoy, gone and there won't be any simple way to resurrect it. Will you join with me and the other Patriots who have committed to helping out on these recalls across the state next weekend? I can tell you now; there is no one to step into the breach if we fail to act. Throughout history, it has never been the actions of the many that have made the difference it is the small contingent of committed people such as us. Let's be the difference and make this happen!

Please locate the closest recall in your area and lend a hand. If you want to know which recall we consider the best bang for your effort it would be the 22nd district in the Kenosha/Burlington area. This one is well under way and just needs to be sewn up! Next in line would be the 30th district Green Bay area.

Here are the recalls across the state. CRG-Citizens for Responsibility, the premier recall specialists, are educating individual recall groups across the state. Donations can be sent to CRG at: CRG Network, P.O. Box 371086; Milwaukee. Wis. 53237 or through the web site at www.crgnetwork.com or contact the individual recalls in your area:

1. Green Bay-30th State Senate Dist. Dave Hansen

David Vanderleest- 920-672-8513 davidavanderleest@hotmail.com www.recallhansen.com

2. Kenosha- 22nd State Senate District Robert Wirch

Dan Hunt-(224) 717-0469 debjhunt@gmail.com www.recallwirch.com

Visit Ozaukee Patriots at: http://www.ozaukeepatriots.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

Vince Schmuki/ Representing WIN-Wisconsinites Interest Now

"Posterity! You will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven, that I ever took half the pains to preserve it."
--John Adams

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing"
Sir Edmunde Burke



OR/ Senator Herb Kohl Washington off. 1-202-2245653 /local 414-297-4451
Senator Ron Johnson: Washington off.1-202-224-5323 /local 414-