Threats of boycotts here in Waupun

The following letter was sent by a member of the Waupun business community to a member of the City of Waupun, Kyle Clark.

Kyle:  Please forward to the Mayor:

Today's front page Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article above illustrates the tactics and intimidation being used by unions against small businesses in Southeast Wisconsin.  These are nothing less than mob style tactics.

This highly organized exercise is also at work in Waupun.  In the last two weeks I have had more than two dozen business people and private citizens from Waupun share their stories of having been identified in the press, confronted at the Post Office or at their place of business by union members.  To a person they indicate that they are afraid to say anything on the issue for fear of retribution.  This is not right.

The bottom line is that small businesses in Waupun are being told "if you are not for the union- then you are against us".  Waupun Business managers are instructing their staff to "say nothing about the union demands since we can't afford the cost of being boycotted". Even the person who cuts my hair says their staff has been instructed to not talk about these issues.  There are businesses that are being directly targeted for boycotts- including some who have never had any political involvement on either side of the issue.

These same citizens and small business people apologize for not being to show their face at a City Council meeting for the reasons stated above. So their voices are not heard.  I hope this message helps to shed light on the atmosphere that exists here in Waupun.  I would invite the Mayor to visit some of communities small businesses and ask confidentially if these reports are true.

I understand that the union employees are pulling out every stop to retain their collective bargaining rights.  The one thing they do not disclose is the value of those benefits provided by the CBA -when compared to the private sector.  But to attack the very tax paying entities who pay for these benefits is going over the top.  The union can represent the union.  But as the City of Waupun, the Council represents the employer- the local tax payers.

With this environment I strongly urge the Waupun City Council to vote "no" or "take no action" on the proposed Waupun Resolution #3-29-11-01, that states support for the CBA and then directs the City of Waupun to send this politically charged Resolution to members of the Republican party.

I cannot believe this is happening in our community,